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Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot

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Deal found at: Walmart

Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot:

  • Age range: 3 to 6 years
  • Snap together robot's arms
  • Practice drilling multicolored bolts with the kid-friendly screwdriver
  • Includes robot with swiveling head, arms and upper body, 15 multicolored bolts, easy-to-use, kid-friendly screwdriver and decorative

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The Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot really is great and here's why.

By our senior writer: Enrico Giraud

Today is a exciting day for me because I get to review the Educational Insights Design and Drill! I am long time this category writer, blogger and reviewer Enrico Giraud and you might know me from some of my other reviews. I've written for example about the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Building Kit (801 Pieces) by Harry Potter and the Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine, Teenie Genies, Series 3 Collection [Amazon Exclusive] by Nickelodeon or maybe you have heard of the editorial piece I did on the Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid. Anyway, I have quite a lot experience trying out this category and recommending only the best to my readers. Therefore I was really happy when this product came on my path.


I've been a fan of Educational Insights products1 for years and I was really looking forward to finally trying the Educational Insights Design and Drill and reviewing it for you guys. I found the best deal on this site on Walmart (You can buy the Educational Insights Design and Drill here.) and I didn't hesitate a moment. So I reached for my creditcard and bought one straight away. I was glad it had free shipping and 24 hours delivery when I ordered it because I couldn't wait! When my Educational Insights Design and Drill arrived the next day I ripped open the packaging and was really happy with what I saw. As I said before I'm a huge Educational Insights enthusiast but I can be very critical and objective too, especially when writing for my readers. :-) After testing it for about a week now I am confident that I have the authority to write this piece. So read on and I will tell you all about my findings and if you should buy this thing.

Best Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot deal


When reviewing this category I usually begin with a summary, then a compact list of the pros and cons of the product after which you can find the rating and my conclusion and resources. So as you can read in the intro, I am really amazed by the Educational Insights Design and Drill. Educational Insights has really set a new standard with this one. The durability is fantastic, and frankly; it just looks super. I know looks aren't deciding with this category, but it just needs to be addressed. I mean the price Walmart offered was and is by far the lowest so make sure to check them out when you are going to get one. As I have tested some alternatives before, I will say none come close to the Educational Insights Design and Drill. Just the flexibility alone crumbles all competition and the quality also seems to be top notch. The famous customer service of Educational Insights2 is always very happy to help if you have any kind of questions so if you ever run in to something with their products they'll be really supple with helping you find a solution. So just to recap; only positive things to say about the Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot. Do read till the end tho because you there is a tiny surprise!


The list of pros of this Educational Insights Design and Drill is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "
Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot:

  • Age range: 3 to 6 years
  • Snap together robot's arms
  • Practice drilling multicolored bolts with the kid-friendly screwdriver
  • Includes robot with swiveling head, arms and upper body, 15 multicolored bolts, easy-to-use, kid-friendly screwdriver and decorative
  1. The quality is unmatched.
  2. The looks are stunning.
  3. The price of $10.97 is a bargain compared to the competition.
  4. Educational Insights is leading the market when it comes to this category.
  5. The durability is great, so it's good for the environment.
  6. No other product coming out in this price range will be comparable for the coming months if not years.


I had a tough time thinking of cons for the Educational Insights Design and Drill. Better prices are of course always nice and I don't know if you actually need this luxurious quality4. That's a thing only you can figure out for yourself. However, the list:

  1. Maybe the aesthetics of the product are not your style.
  2. It's a premium product so chances are you don't need this abundance of quality.
  3. The Educational Insights Design and Drill is loved by a lot of professionals so soon everybody will probably have one.

Best Educational Insights product in years


Considering everything I wrote before you won't be surprised that I give the Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot 5 stars, 10/10 an and an A++. In reviews I've read by professionals5 saying that it's just too good to be true I found that they maybe were a bit envious of the success of Educational Insights and they just can't comprehend the awesomeness of the Educational Insights Design and Drill.


Verdict and Conclusion

In conclusion, my verdict is that the Educational Insights Design and Drill really will make your life more fun and just better altogether. (And did I mention the resale value6 of Educational Insights products?) I've done my utmost to view this thing from all possible angles in this piece but I see it sounds all very positive. So please read some more reviews, and you'll see that it's not me that is so enthusiast. So let me just say is that I fully, fully, recommend the Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot for now and the future until Educational Insights will come up with its successor. And if you are still hesitating whether you want this new Educational Insights Design and Drill. Walmart really has a great deal on it now. They have the Educational Insights Design and Drill on sale HERE for the record low of $10.97. But enough reading. Just go get it and admire your very own, very new Educational Insights Design and Drill Robot!

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Other Reviews


Good toy to help with fine motor skills

I tried this toy out on 4,6 and 11 year olds. All seemed to like it. The younger ones were kept more occupied by it. The older ones liked drilling the bits in and making a pattern. Once they were done making their pattern, they left to play other games. The younger ones liked to take out the bits, and make new patterns over and over again. I wish it came with two drills, because all the kids wanted to play with it. But then again, it taught them to take turns. The drill and the nuts and bolts were all very good quality, and this toy is unlikely to break anytime soon. The younger ones will learn colors, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills from this. Older ones will just have fun! One small design flaw in the drill is that when you put it in reverse, it doesn't always manage to get the screw out. The fix is simple, just use the screw driver to give each bit a twist, and then the drill works fine in reverse mode, to pull the screw out. Not a big deal. Good toy, recommend!


Fun and Educational Activity for Young Kids

I like the outward appearance of the Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center. The box that held the pieces seems durable enough to hold the pieces within it. The weight of the box was a little heavier than I anticipated but not bad. I would not feel comfortable letting my child carry the box at this time. My child likes the colors of the bolts and the fact that there were so many to play with. I would have liked for the power drill to be a little bit larger bot my child did not have any trouble handling the drill. I also like the fact that the center came with additional tools. It would have been nice if there were a couple more tools in the box like a hammer and a saw to complete the set. This would have been nice but it was not necessary as the center itself was sufficient. I like the fact that an activity board was included but I believe it would have been a good idea to have multiple boards within the box. Overall my child is enjoying the center and it is currently keeping their attention for a couple of hours thus far.


Great Tools for a beginner

I'm doing a review on the Design and Drill Activity Center. Lets get the facts first. This toy is for children three years and up. It has 120 colorful Bolts and New Fun Bolts. It has over 125 pieces. It comes with an electronic power drill and a jumbo power electronic screwdriver. These two come in reversible too. You can also put the bolts in and take them out with both drills. There are 100 bolts in red, green, orange, blue and baby blue. There are also 20 fun and zany bolts. You can also manually use the wrench to get the bolts in and out. It comes with a manually screwdriver that you can take the bolts in and out. This is good so if you run out of batteries your child can still play with it. It comes with a case that holds everything. Under the pegboard is where you keep all of your bolts. This is a compartment that holds all of your zany fun bolts. The lids will stay close. The case can also be locked so everything will not be lost. Now for playing. It comes with a manual that shows patterns that you can make on the pegboard. Some are designs and some are a truck, sailboat, dog, apple, hammer, butterfly, flowers, a smiley face and a sad face, a rainbow, pear and a plus sign or cross. It is real easy to use the drills. Yes, three years old can do this but I also see older kids wanting to play with it too. If you look at the photos that I uploaded I show where I made the dog pattern. The other picture shows you all of the storage options that come with it. I had fun playing with it. My grandkids will love it. I highly recommend buying this toy. It teaches you how to count. How to make patterns. It also teaches you your colors. It is good for using the motor skills of hands and fingers. To me maybe not you it will help you learn math skills later in life by following the patterns. It makes you think and organize things in your brain. I highly recommend this toy.


Fun for 3 year old!

My 3 year old grandson loves it! Once we got the batteries in the drill he went straight to work. He played with it nonstop for over an hour. There are many holes to put the screws in and so therefore the project can tie them up for quite awhile. Then they get to unscrew and take them out! Plus there are around 20 pattern cards so they can create different designs on the card. My grandson is rarely held captive by a toy for more than 10 minutes at a time and I was so pleasantly surprised to see how much he likes it. His little two year old sister would love to get her hands on it, but he doesn’t want anything to do with sharing this toy yet. He started playing with it right away and really focused on the patterns and how to copy them. It is a time consuming activity. After The Design & Drill was opened, and since then, he carries it around and loves that he can complete different designs and uses the screw driver on his own just like daddy. After I gave my 3 year old Grandson this Drill, he sat and played with it even though he had other presents. He was even reluctant to go open other presents because he wanted to play with this. The pattern cards that are included are an excellent learning tool in my opinion. It is good for hand/eye coordination and following directions.


Real Power Tool Action

This was a complete surprise how much we enjoyed this set. I didn't think much when I picked this item thought it might be boring for my 3 year old. Especially when I looked at the packaging of the box, the box I received only has a little boy on it and I thought oh my little girl is going to think this is just for boys. Luckily she didn't pay much attention to it once I placed the batteries inside the drill. She went directly to the drill board and within 30 minutes had all 100 holes with drills nails in them. Getting a toddler to sit and play with any toy for that long is usually unthinkable but it kept her interested. I thought it was a fluke so we put it away and the next day I pulled it out and the exact same thing happen, and she not only was interested in the drill but the accessories that come with it too. Besides the drill it comes with different drill bits that you can interchange with the drill or there is a little hand held tool that can act as a screwdriver and there is also a wrench. This also comes with patterned cards that can be used to help kids use both there motor skills and learn about patterns.